Need for speed

A Gerken Innenausbau contractor installs SUPAFIL

Our customers face labour shortages, demanding energy efficiency regulation, waste disposal restrictions and the need to complete projects quickly to a high specification. From cavity walls, lofts and prefabricated buildings, SUPAFIL delivers outstanding results. Fast.


Picture being able to efficiently insulate four cavity walls of a house in two to three hours. Visualise insulating an entire loft of 80 m² in just an hour.

Now imagine automating an entire factory that turns out thousands of prefabricated buildings every year with each insulation installation process taking minutes.

With Knauf Insulation’s SUPAFIL Blowing Wool solution all this is possible with no waste, no fuss, no wasted time and outstanding results in terms of energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions.

In addition, SUPAFIL is humidity resistant, made from up to 80% recycled glass and does not support the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Finally, it is the only Blowing Wool to be certified by DECLARE in Europe which means it does not contain any harmful substances on the DECLARE Red List.


Maximillian Böddeker, Neesen Schlüesselfertighau GmbH, Germany
"The added value of SUPAFIL is that it is incredibly fast".
Maximillian Böddeker, Neesen Schlüesselfertighau GmbH, Germany


Benefits for modular builders

Prefabricated building companies require the maximum production of high quality modular homes in the minimum amount of time. When it comes to insulation, these companies want speed, consistent high quality, minimal labour and complete integration into their process.

SUPAFIL delivers custom-built installation systems that can be integrated into any modular manufacturing process. Depending on the system, up to 1,000 kg of insulation can be injection-installed into modular sections every hour. And, as only 35 kg/m3 is required to achieve a lambda of 0.034 W/mK, about 30 cubic metres of insulated frames can be processed every hour.

Our 174 kg compressed packing bales minimise refill times, optimise truck loads and storage area usage and our Blowing Wool smoothly fills any complicated frame space without waste. As it is light, the solution adds no significant weight to building panels, does not settle and is water repellent.


High-speed loft insulation

Loft insulation installers need high performance and speed. Installers want to work as efficiently as possible and avoid spending too much time at job sites. The owners of those lofts want a fire-safe, sustainable solution that is certified by DECLARE as being free of ingredients on the Red List — a list of substances designated as harmful to health by the International Living Future Institute — and work that is carried out quickly with minimal disruption.

Eighty square metres of SUPAFIL Blowing Wool can be installed every hour in a loft. To achieve a high performance of 0.045 W/mK only 12 kg of SUPAFIL is required. SUPAFIL installation is faster than traditional slabs and also reaches all areas of a loft no matter how complex the space. Plus of course, it can also be blown directly over old insulation so there is no need for removal.

A1 non-combustibility, high thermal performance and DECLARE certification, makes the Blowing Wool attractive to home-owners looking for reassurance that the products installed in their home enhance comfort and add value.

Hassle-free renovation

Renovation installers need speed and efficiency when it comes to filling wall cavities. Installers and building owners do not want to carry out structural work to install insulation. They want the work to be mess free, hassle free and quick.

SUPAFIL delivers speed and minimal disturbance and it takes between two and three hours to fully install SUPAFIL in four walls of a typical detached property in the UK. This offers installers the chance to maximise operations by working on several job sites every day.

And, in terms of renovation, the process is hassle free for occupants. There is no need for major building work to install the insulation, simply discrete entry points that allow SUPAFIL to be injected with no mess, waste or fuss. SUPAFIL can be injected after a thorough inspection following drilling through the outer leaf of the wall by certified installers. Homeowners can hardly see their intervention but they feel the improved home comfort quickly.

Faster new-build sequence

New build companies need efficiency because time is money. They want projects delivered on time and to high standards. They want onsite logistics to be efficient and their contractors to move from job to job effectively.

Thanks to the speed of SUPAFIL’s installation, there are major advantages for new build investors. Brick layers can focus entirely on their work rather than combining their role with that of an insulation installer as well.

This means they can move from site to site and then be followed by SUPAFIL installers who can follow up quickly and carry out the insulation installation, speeding up the entire sequence.

SUPAFIL being installed in modular frames at FM-Haus in Finland.

Photo: SUPAFIL being installed in modular frames at FM-Haus in Finland. SUPAFIL delivers custom-built installation systems that can be integrated into any modular manufacturing process


Case history: new building

‘SUPAFIL is the future of our business’

“The added value of SUPAFIL is that it is incredibly fast. In future we want to use SUPAFIL for all our projects and hope to significantly increase our capacity.”

These are the words of Construction Manager Maximillian Böddeker of Neesen Schlüesselfertighau GmbH in Germany, which offers one-stop building services ranging from extensions and renovations to new construction.

Frank Gerken, CEO of contractors Gerken Innenausbau, who has been working with Neesen for nine years, says that to install traditional slab insulation in a hundred-squaremetre loft would take three people a full day.

“Now with two people it is done in just four or five hours. I believe that this insulation is the future of our business,” he says. And for installers, there is another advantage. “We know from previous renovations that when we remove old glass wool it is incredibly itchy. This is not the case with SUPAFIL,” says the contractor.

SUPAFIL saves time and labour.” “SUPAFIL saves time and labour.
Frank Gerken, CEO of contractors Gerken Innenausbau, Germany

Case history: modular buildings

 ‘Knauf Insulation helped us find solutions that suit our market’

FM-Haus manufactures a wide range of prefabricated wooden buildings in Finland.

Toni Sjöman, Technical Manager, says: “What our clients appreciate about our services is our reliability, flexibility and expertise.”

The company’s market has grown considerably and so has its relationship with Knauf Insulation and the SUPAFIL Blowing Wool team.

“Knauf Insulation helped us source our insulation installation equipment and find solutions to suit our market,” Toni says.

The future looks positive for FM-Haus. “Our customers appreciate wood buildings that are good for environment and are manufactured in factories to high standards with no risk of being damaged by wet weather and no waste.”

Clients appreciate our expertise.
Toni Sjöman, Technical Manager at FM-Haus, Finland



JetSpray offers an ideal soffit solution

JetSpray is ideal for customers looking for a non-combustible Blowing Wool solution for car parks, basements, crawl spaces or other soffit areas. As these areas are inevitably connected to public buildings, JetSpray offers an ideal A2 fire safe product for hard-to-reach areas as well as a quickly installed solution that provides exceptional performance by adding only a light weight to the existing soffit structure.



Picture in the header: A Gerken Innenausbau contractor installs SUPAFIL in a new build in Germany. A total of 80 m2 of SUPAFIL Blowing Wool can be installed every hour in a loft.



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